As unsaved:

I am not hardened to God and His ways.
I’ll seek His pardon in more distant days.
This is the time to live life to the brim.
Why should I repent and finish with sin?

Then a loud screeching and slamming of brakes,
A crumpled vehicle – all that it takes
For the procrastinator to weep and cry,
Why did I spurn God, my chances deny?

As saved:

God has been telling me to reach the lost,
But at the moment too great is the cost.
I am not reckless, but life is so dear,
Let me postpone it ‘till old age is here.

There is a visit I know I should make.
I have a mandate to do for Christ’s sake,
But there are things more important to me,
Before the poor soul I’ll visit for Thee.

Time passes quietly and slips out of sight,
While we procrastinate to do the right.
Ah what deep sorrow will grip us at last,
When time is ended and chances are past.


~Jenny Daniel