Wilt Thou return to me, O Lord,
      If I return to Thee?

Wilt Thou return to me, O Lord,
      If I return to Thee?
O Heavenly truth!  O Gracious word!
      My Hope and Refuge be!

Silence from Thy foot I dared to roam.
      My soul has found no rest,
Chastised and contrite, back I come,
      To seek it in Thy breast.

And dost Thou say Thou wilt receive,
      And call me still Thy own?
My spirit, hear, accept, believe!
      And melt, my heart of stone!

Again that gracious word to me!
      O speak that word again!
My guilt is pardoned? — can it be? —
      And loosed my every chain?

No, blessed Lord; not every chain,
      Not every bond, remove:
Let one, at least, unloosed remain — 
      The bond of grateful love.

~ Henry Francis Lyte