Written by THEUNIS, JOHANNES CLOETE  [email protected]


Twice in one week, only because the Holy Spirit prompted me and by GOD's Grace, I could obey. What happened twice this week? You could define it as a "phenomena", however I also define it as "the true meaning of life". I usually try to parallel whatever I experience in the natural to a message in my heart, a spiritual lesson so to speak.

Earlier this week I was traveling on a road I use daily. I see this activity and "phenomena" daily too.

I saw a a man pulling a trolley up a very, very steep road. On the trolley was scrap that he had gathered over the course of a week. If I had to judge, about 100 kg, if not more. I drove past him and the Holy Spirit prompted me to stop. I pulled off and called him to my window. His face was dripping with sweat. But his eyes, I can never forget his eyes. From his eyes came shining forth such a radiant Light and I identified in my brother's eyes this Light as the Light of Christ.

"Good morning sir", I said. "Morning Mam," he replied. "Sir, I have to give you this" and I handed him the note of money. "Mam," and his eyes filled with tears. "Do yo believe in GOD?" I asked, "Do you believe in JESUS?" "Mam, this morning I asked GOD that HE must please help me to pull this trolley up this hill, as I have to leave all these items at the yard before I give it in. I have to go home urgently and I do not have any money to travel. But now… HE has answered me Mam. I pray every day, every morning, thank you Mam."

My heart was trembling, as I knew that GOD had spoken to me to stop alongside the road and through this man I was to receive a beautiful message of humility, thankfulness and faith and trust in GOD as you carry your burdens and load every day…

"Sir, what is your name?" And he answered me. "What does it mean?" He said, "It means, 'The Mercy of the LORD'." My heart became faint as I tried to hold back the tears. Here was a man, who, every Monday [I came to learn as I left, he told me…] would pull a cart up a hill, with items that are of no worth to the world, and he would try and make a living out of it.

I realized that he was part of a "phenomena" of men who trust GOD so implicitly, and if we would just stop and speak to them, these men would have a witness and a testimony and a smile and a love and, and, and… which so many people simply do not have due to the conveniences of life.

I was so grateful that I stopped and that I could pray with him… also that I could drive away with a grateful heart that I too can be part of the "recycling phenomena" each time the Holy Spirit prompts me to reach out and touch. For you see, recycling means to take something that is old, useless and of no more value and to turn it into something of worth, giving the giver a reward [like this man, 'The Mercy of the LORD'].

My question to you: "Are you in the recycling game of life?" Do you see the potential in others, do you reach out to them and does the LIGHT of Christ shine in and through you even when you have to carry your "burden up a hill"?

This morning again… and as I stopped next to another man called Sylvester, I saw the Light! I asked him about GOD, and he said, "I believe in Jesus".

My friend, why do you not stop and tarry for a while in the presence of the "Recycling Man"? The One called JESUS. He doesn't through you away, HE makes you NEW!

And then, remember this: "In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."Matthew 5:16     Unknown