Written by THEUNIS, JOHANNES CLOETE  [email protected]




I’m Sarah, I’m sixteen;
Last night I failed.
I prayed for more strength,
So why did I yield?

He said he loved me,
Brought me flowers and all;
Then he took me upstairs
And caused me to fall.

I feel so ashamed,
So dirty inside.
He’s taken my heart;
Now I want to go hide.

I let down my parents,
And they trusted me so.
Can God forgive me?
I need to know.

If I had it to do
All over again,
I think I would run
To a close, loving friend.

The pain hurts so bad;
I want you to know,
So you won’t give in.
You’ll know when to go!

Yes, God can forgive!
It says it right here;
Jesus died for my sins,
So I never need fear.

My past is all cleansed;
I’m whiter than snow.
Yet my sin is still sin;
Consequences don’t go.

Today I start over,
My purity new!
I’m God’s little girl,
Straight through and through!

Abstain – yes, I must!
By God’s grace and power,
I’ll stay close to Him,
Hour by hour.

Hiding His Word
Deep in my heart;
When faced with temptation,
Next time I’ll be smart.

I know from now on
I’m determined to wait;
God has a man
Designed as my mate.

When that time comes,
And I know he’s the one;
The day I’ll be married –
Now that’ll be fun!

But until then,
To the Lord will I cling;
At just the right time,
My husband, He’ll bring.

I’m trusting Him now
With all of my soul.
The Lord holds my future;
That’s all I must know!