A dark and blinded thing is man,
      Yet full of fancied light!
But all his penetration can
      Obtain no gospel light.

Though heavenly truth may blaze abroad
      He cannot see at all;
Though gospel leaders show the road,
      He still gropes for the wall.

Perhaps he stands to hear the sound,
      But blind he still remains,
No meaning in the word is found
      To cause him joys or pains.

O Lord, thy holy power display,
      For thou the help must find;
Pour in the light of gospel day,
      Illuminate the blind.

Behold, how unconcerned they dwell
      Though reft of sight they be,
They fancy they can see right well,
      And need not help from thee.

Speak, and they’ll mourn their blinded eyes,
      And cry to theee for light;
O Lord, do not our prayer despise,
      But give these blind men sight.

Taken from John Ploughman’s Pictures by Charles Spurgeon



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