SIN-Power over the Regenerate - Charles Spurgeon

So long as a man is dead in trespasses and sin, there is no iniquity which may not get the mastery of him. Where the body is, thither will the vultures of hell be gathered together. The devil finding him dead, calls up his hosts of temptations and his hands of evils to feed on him. The great destroyer, who at other times is as a lion, often plays the part of a jackal, whose cry, when it finds its prey, is said to sound exacta like the words —

” Dead Hindu, dead Hindu !

Where, where, where, where?

Here, here, here, here !”

Nothing but the new life can secure a man from the worst fiends in the Tandem or urn of ice. for they gather like a scattered pack to a feast when they hear their master cry —DA: mime, dead sinner ! Where,where, where , here, here, here’ Vices seldom come alone ; where there is room for one devil, seven other spirits more wicked than himself will find a lodging. We may say of sins Longfellow birds of prey in his song of Hiawatha.On the sick or wounded bison, But another vulture watching, From his high atrial look-out Sees the downward plunge and follows ; And a third pursues the second, O.moil fem the invisible ether. First a speck, and then a vulture Till the air is dark with pinions.”