Sinners, your hearts lift up,
Partakers of your hope!

Sinners, your hearts lift up,
Partakers of your hope!
This, the day of Pentecost;
Ask, and ye shall all receive,
Surely now the Holy Ghost
God to all that ask shall give.

Ye all may freely take
The grace for Jesu's sake;
He for every man hath died,
He for all hath risen again;
Jesus now is glorified,
Gifts he hath received for men.

He sends them from the skies
On all his enemies;
By his cross he now hath led
Captive our captivity;
We shall all be free indeed,
Christ, the Son, shall make us free.

Blessings on all he pours,
In never-ceasing showers,
All he waters from above;
Offers all his joy and peace,
Settled comfort, perfect love,
Everlasting righteousness.

All may from him receive
A power to turn and live;
Grace for every soul is free,
All may hear the effectual call;
All the light of life may see,
All may feel he died for all.

Drop down in showers of love,
Ye heavens, from above!
Righteousness, ye skies, pour down!
Open, earth, and take it in!
Claim the Spirit for your own,
Sinners, and be saved from sin!

Father, behold, we claim
The gift in Jesu's name!
Him, the promised Comforter,
Into all our spirits pour;
Let him fix his mansion here,
Come, and never leave us more.