Melody Conjurske

Somewhere in the darkness
   I lost my saviour’s face;


Somewhere in the darkness
   I lost my saviour’s face;
Somewhere in my frenzy
  I forgot his love and grace.
I only felt the stillness,
  The fear without a light;
I forgot about the eye
  That doesn’t sleep at night.

Somewhere through the storm clouds
  I forgot the sun was there;
Forgot that it was shining
  Beyond the clouds somewhere.
I only saw the blackness
  And felt the pouring rain.
I couldn’t see my God there;
  I only saw my pain.

Somewhere through the trial
  I lost my Saviour’s hand.
I thought that he had left me
  And didn’t understand
I didn’t see him standing
  Beside me all the time
Holding out his hand
  For me to slip in mine.

Somewhere through my falling tears
  I lost the path ahead.
Somewhere in my troubled thoughts
  I forgot what Jesus said;
Forgot that he had promised
  My load he would sustain
Forgot that he had died
  Upon a cross of pain.

Forgot that Christ my Saviour
  Came his life to give
Took my place upon the tree
  That I might truly live.
Forgot the pain he suffered,
  The agony and shame;
Forgot that this same Jesus
  Forever is the same.

Forgot that God had given
  His own beloved son
When I was lost and helpless
  A sinner all undone.
Forgot that God had promised
  Through Christ all things are mine.
Why should I be discouraged?
  Why should my heart repine?


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