Written by THEUNIS, JOHANNES CLOETE  [email protected]




An old lady spent much of her summer setting and swinging in the old swing hanging on her front porch. Her husband had been dead several years and she had withdrawn from all but the closest family. Her lonely time grew and grew??

One spring day, the old lady went out in the garage and dug the old roto-tiller out from under the rusty tub that covered the engine. Seems the old lady had found a big bag of seeds that was a vine that would bear bright red flowers. The old lady loved bright red things. She made a decision, get out of the swing and grow beautiful flowers to enjoy.

With great excitement,she pulled real hard on the rope, and with great effort she finally got the old roto-tiller to run.

There was a wall of concrete blocks between her and the neighbors driveway. The blocks were laid…a block and a space, or a gap…then another block and a space all the way down the driveway,….all the way to the garage.

With great effort the old lady plowed betwen the driveway and the wall. She blistered her hands, her back hurt, but the jarring roto-tiller finished the task.

With feelings of accomplishment and pride, she got down on her knees and planted all the seeds in several rows along the wall.

The rains came, the Lord blessed the little seeds and the sun shine warmed the ground. One day the little old lady saw the heads of the plant break forth, and the vines grew and grew ….until the vines completely covered the wall. The vines so grew that the wall could not be seen. She would set daily in the swing and watch the progress of the vine. This was great joy to the old lady.

Beautiful vines ….but no flowers, zero. da nada, nothing. Where are all my bright red flowers?? One day after much dissapointment and great thought the lady decided…I planted those vines for flowers, bright red flowers and there are none. I am going to cut those dumb empty vines down and burn them.

She went down the drive way into the garage and got the rusty old hoe, sharpened the edge and started chopping the vines down.

About the third vine was chopped down and she grinned ear to ear. The neighbor pulling into his drive way, skidded to a halt and jumped out of his car and ran over to her .

He said, "What on earth are you doing?? I know this is your property and that is your vine, and you can do as you chose. But, why are you cutting down this vine??"

The old lady explained to the kind neighbor, "I planted this not for the vine but for the bright red flowers, and there are none. After all my sweat and blisters and watering, not one flower. I am cutting this down because there are no red flowers and that is why I planted them!!!"

Without one word the neighbor took the feeble old lady by the hand and lead her to the other side of the wall. And on his side of the fence, there were over a million of the brightest red flowers you ever saw, between every block were many of the brillant blossoms.


Gal 6:9  And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.