Still, O my soul, prolong
The never-ceasing song!
Hymn to Christ
         Still, O my soul, prolong
         The never-ceasing song!
Christ my theme, my hope, my joy;
      His be all my happy days,
Praise my every hour employ,
      Every breath be spent in praise.
         His would I wholly be
         Who lived and died for me:
Grief was all His life below,
      Pain and poverty and loss:
Mine the sins that bruised Him so,
      Scourged and nail’d Him to the cross.
         He bore the curse of all,
         A spotless criminal:
Burden’d with a world of guilt,
      Blacken’d with imputed sin,
Man to save His blood He spilt,
      Died, to make the sinner clean.
         Join, earth and heaven, to bless
         The –Lord our righteousness!-
Mystery of redemption this,
      This the Saviour’s strange design,
Man’s offence was counted His,
      Ours is righteousness Divine.
         Far as our parent’s fall
         The gift is come to all:
Sinn’d we all, and died in one?
       Just in One we all are made;
Christ the law fulfill’d alone,
      Died for all, for all obey’d.
         In Him complete we shine;
         His death, His life is mine.
Fully am I justified,
      Free from sin, and more than free;
Guiltless, since for me He died,
      Righteous, since He lived for me!
         Jesu! to Thee I bow,
         Saved to the utmost now.
O the depth of love Divine!
       Who Thy wisdom’s stores can tell?
Knowledge infinite is Thine,
      All Thy ways unsearchable!


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