Sting of Death
I’m often asked if I’m afraid to die. No, I’m not afraid to die, I’ve been to the water’s edge three times and Ive heard the waves lash against the boat, but I wasn’t scared. Death is like an old bumblebee that Dr. Cadle once talked about. He and his brother, Cap, were out in the meadow and Dr. Cadle caught this bumblebee and cut off his stinger. He slipped it down Cap’s overalls and laughed as Cap began to dance and slap himself. “that ole bee can’t hurt you,” he said. “All he can do is buzz.” That’s all death can do—just buzz.
-p. 117
Just a Country Preacher, B.R. Lakin, by Angela E. Hunt, no publisher, nd. (Lakin lived 1901-1984.)

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