When we reach a quiet dwelling
     On the strong eternal hills,

“All the way by which the Lord thy God led thee.”


When we reach a quiet dwelling
     On the strong eternal hills,
And our praise to Him is swelling,
     Who the vast creation fills:
When the paths of prayer and duty
     And affliction all are trod,
And we wake and see the beauty
     Of our Saviour and our God;

With the light of resurrection,
     When our changéd bodies glow,
And we gain the full perfection
     Of the bliss begun below;
When the life that flesh obscureth
     In each radiant form shall shine,
And the joy that aye endureth
     Flashes forth in beams divine

While we wave the palms of glory
     Through the long eternal years,
Shall we e’er forget the story
     Of our mortal griefs and fears?
Shall we e’er forget the sadness
     And the clouds that hung so dim,
When our hearts are filled with gladness
     And our tears are dried by Him?

Shall the memory be banished
     Of His kindness and His care,
When the wants and woes are vanished,
     Which He loved to soothe and share —
Al the way by which He brought us,
     All the grievings which He bore,
All the patient love He taught us,
     Shall we think of them no more?

Yes! we surely shall remember
     How He quickened us from death:
How He fanned the dying ember
     With His Spirit’s glowing breath.
We shall read the tender meaning
     Of the sorrows and alarms
As we trod the desert, leaning
     On His everlasting arms.

And His rest will be the dearer
     When we think of weary ways,
And His light will seem the clearer
     As we muse on cloudy days.
Oh! ’twill be a glorious morrow
     To a dark and stormy day;
We shall recollect our sorrow
     As the streams that pass away.

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