The Cheerful Lad!

It has been raining all day long,
The birds have quit their lovely song
And all seems so gloomy and grey,
It has been a long and dreary day.

As I walk along the busy street,
With my extremely soaking feet,
I notice people that look so sad,
But all of a sudden I notice a lad!!

He is walking briskly with a happy face,
As though he had just won a great race.
His clothes were worn with patches too,
And some places were worn quite through.

But on his face there was a happy smile,
Even, if he had to walk another mile.
He was humming a merry tune,
For he knows, that so very soon…

Again the sun will shine so bright,
Filling the world again with light.
Everything will start to grow,
As the warm, gentle breezes blow.

For spring is surely on its’ way,
And this cold weather will not stay.
God sends us rain and cooling showers,
So that trees, plants and all the flowers….

Would once again, start to grow anew
In a bright and dazzling hue.
The birds will start to sing their song
For it will not be so very long!!

We can’t have flowers without rain,
We can’t have all happiness without pain.
We can’t have all joy without tears,
We can’t have days without years.

To see spring come to us once more,
The rains will needs to come before.
To see the mountains, you need to climb,
We can’t have good things all the time.
        By Martha Petrusevich

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