True faith producing love to God and man,
Say, Echo, is not this the Gospel plan?

True faith producing love to God and man,
Say, Echo, is not this the Gospel plan?
             The Gospel plan.

Must I my faith and love to Jesus show,
By doing good to all, both friend and foe?
             Both friend and foe.

But if a brother hates and treats me ill,
Must I return him good, and love him still?
             Love him still.

If he my failings watches to reveal,
Must I his faults as carefully conceal?
             As carefully conceal.

But if my name and character he blast,
And cruel malice, too, a long time last;
And, if I sorrow and affliction know,
He loves to add unto my cup of woe;
In this uncommon, this peculiar case,
Sweet Echo, say must I still love and bless?
             Still love and bless.

Whatever usage ill I may receive,
Must I be patient still, and still forgive?
             Be patient still, and still forgive.

Why, Echo how is this? Thou’rt sure a dove!
Thy voice shall teach me nothing else but love!
             Nothing else but love.

Amen! With all my heart, then be it so;
’Tis all delightful, just, and good, I know;
And now to practise I’ll directly go.
             Directly go.

Things being so, whoever me reject,
My gracious God me surely will protect.
             Surely will protect.

Henceforth I’ll roll on Him my every care,
And then both friend and foe embrace in prayer.
             Embrace in prayer.

But after all those duties I have done,
Must I, in point of merit, them disown,
And trust for heaven through Jesus’ blood alone
             Through Jesus’ blood alone.

Echo, enough! yhy counsels to mine ear,
Are sweeter than, to flowers, the dew-drop tear;
Thy wise instructive lessons please me well:
I’ll go and practice them. Farewell, farewell!
             PRACTISE them.  Farewell, farewell!

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