The dark mountain in front I see
Jesus holding his hand out to me
I don’t see His face but His voice is calling me
Little lad hurry and follow Me

The dark mountain in front of me
I’m climbing up Jesus its hard can’t you see
I’m sure, not sure what You want of me
Follow Me my son its meant to be

The dark mountain is rough and steep
Jesus is telling me pick up these parcels to keep
I’m picking up one by one
All the sins clearly written that I have done

The dark mountain is killing me
I’m in tears―oh Jesus can this be
How could I cause You so much pain
My sins put You on the cross I’m ashamed

The dark mountain where we went to a cliff
Jesus told me the end is near I need not fear
Throw your heavy load down and I’ll wipe away your tears
And as I did―softly these amazing words I did hear
Salvation came for you … now you’re saved my dear

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