Glenn Conjurske

1.      While the world is ever seeking for something that’s new,
There’s a message comes ringing that’s tested and true:
If you seek for satisfaction, if your soul would find rest,
Then the new paths will mock you, the old paths are best.

In the old paths I am walking, in the old paths I’ll stay,
In the paths God has said are the only good way;
I have found it, I have found it, sweet rest for my soul,
In the old Bible’s ways, and the Spirit’s control.

2.      Tho’ the world may try to lure me from the paths that are old,
By its pleasures and comforts, its silver and gold,
Not a thing that it can offer me can turn me aside,
I consider its end and I quicken my stride.

3.      Tho’ my pathway may be rugged, and rocky and steep,
Though it’s narrow and lonely, the old paths I’ll keep;
Though I suffer for a little, yet the end is in sight.
And the end of the old paths is glory and light.

4.      Tho’ I stand like the apostles in the place that is last,
No regrets will I have when this brief life is past,
For the glory of the Saviour on my vision will burst,
And the old paths will end where the last shall be first.

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