There’s never a temptation
 Of all that might befall,

1 Cor. 10:13

There’s never a temptation
 Of all that might befall,
That is a situation
 Not common to us all.

There’s never a temptation,
 Whatever be its shape,
But that a way is given,
 By which I might escape.

However bleak my prospects,
 However dark my way,
If I will heed God’s promise,
 I’ll see a better day.

The pathway that He offers,
 By which I might be free,
May not have the appearance
 Of being best to me.

The path of self-denial;
 Of taking up the cross—
It doesn’t seem as pleasant
 As being my own boss.

But it’s the road to freedom,
 And it’s the road I’ll take.
Although I meet with trouble,
 This path I won’t forsake.

And when a need arises,
 That makes me feel my lack,
I’ll trust in Gods’ provision—
 It will not turn me back.

For God is ever faithful;
 He watches me with care,
And suffers no temptation
 Above what I can bear.

~ Nita Brainard

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