It is the Word of God alone,
 The written Word, I mean,

April 9, 2009

It is the Word of God alone,
    The written Word, I mean,
By which the will of God is known,
    For there His ways are seen.

The Bible is the way by which
    The Holy Spirit leads,
And he will fall into a ditch
    Who to another heeds.

If you would grow in every grace,
 And have your mind renewed,
The Bible is the only place
 To find your proper food.

And if you need to yet be led
    In matters more concrete,
Like where to go and whom to wed,
    His Word is still complete.

For though the answers won’t be spelled
    In letters in the sky,
The wisdom in His Word beheld
    Will guide you by and by.

You think you need to hear a voice
    Specifically for you,
That offers not a bit of choice,
    But tells you what to do.

But God has not ordained thereby
    To guide how each man lives;
He leaves us freedom to apply
    The principles He gives.

When searching for God’s will for you,
   There’s just one place to look.
The things that He would have you do
    Are written in the Book.

~ Nita Brainard

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