In John chapter four we read the account of the woman that Jesus met at the well. Jesus told her that if she drank from his well of living water, she would never thirst again. Then he told her all the big sins that she had done. Then he revealed that he was the Messiah. The light turned on in her heart. She left her waterpot at the well, ran into town, and told everyone that she had found the Messiah. What happened in her heart? Several things.

First of all, it dawned on her that God really did care. He knew all the details of her life, bad and ugly, yet he still wanted to bless her and have a relationship with her.

Secondly, it dawned on her that Jesus was the answer. Truth can be found in religion, but not life. Only Jesus can take away guilt and shame. Only Jesus can give men hope. Only Jesus can clean men up and change their lives — inside as well as outside.

Thirdly, it dawned on her that the emptiness she was trying to fill with things and relationships could only be filled by Jesus. If she drank from his living water, she would never thirst again.

Dear readers, God holds out to everyone what he held out to the Samaritan woman. If you put your trust in Jesus, your sins will be forgiven, you will be given a new life, and you will be fulfilled.

~Lee Brainard, July 4, 2015