Angie Conjurske

Surrounding my Lord                                                         
The multitudes went;

Matt. 15:21~28

Surrounding my Lord                                                         
The multitudes went;                                                          
A woman went too,                                                            
For her heart was rent.                                                        
Her daughter was ill                                                           
For Satan had hold,                                                              
And he held her far                                                              
Away from the fold.                                                             
The mother was grieved                                                        
“Have mercy, O Lord!                                                          
My daughter is held                                                              
By such a strong cord.”                                                         
But Jesus went on,                                                                
Not heeding her cry;                                                             
She heard he would heal                                                       
But was it a lie?                                                                     
“Have mercy,” she cried,                                                        
“The devil has got                                                                   
My own daughter dear.”                                                          
But he heard her not.                                                              
Then people besought                                                             
“Oh send her away,                                                               
She cries after us                                                                     
And wants her own way.”                                                      
Then Jesus did say
That he was not sent
But to the lost sheep
Of Israel’s tent.
And then she came up
And worshipped the Lord.
“Have mercy on me,
And break this strong cord.
 But he answered her
And said, “It’s not meet
To cast to the dogs
What children should eat.”
Then she said, “Truth Lord
Yet dogs get a crumb
That falls to the floor
If they’ll only come.
“Oh great is thy faith,”
The Saviour did say,
“Now be it to you
E’en as you do pray.”
Her daughter was healed
In that very hour,
For Jesus was there
To break Satan’s pow’r.
How many out there
Are sin-sick and worn,
With sorrows untold
And hearts that are torn?
Oh Jesus will hear
If you’ll only cry;
He loves you so much
For you he did die.
Oh come to him now
With all of your woe.
He will hear your cry
And save you, I know!

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