The Yearnings of A Father’s Heart for His Children

Shall I aspire to heav’nly bliss,
And all my powers bend to this,

Shall I aspire to heav’nly bliss,
And all my powers bend to this,
Lay all my treasures up above,
And worldly things disdain to love,
And for my children shall I choose
The very things that I refuse?

Shall I the barren desert tread,
And feed upon the heav’nly bread,
To Canaan firmly set my face,
To Canaan point my pilgrim pace,
And leave my sons to Egypt’s good,
And feed my sons with Egypt’s food?

Shall I my Savior’s portion see
Of suffering and poverty,
And give my children mammon’s worth,
And bind their tender hearts to earth;
Insure that they on earth live well,
And damn their tender souls to hell?

Then oh! let grace be giv’n to me
To bring my children up to thee!
To give them nothing, small or great,
That to their souls will be a weight.
But ever, only beckon them,
And waft and wing them, up to heav’n.

O God, I cast myself on thee:
Do thou uphold and strengthen me,
Nor suffer me t’ appear above
Without the children that I love,
Nor let me stand before my God,
And own I’m guilty of their blood.

Nay, let me all my powers bend
To bring them to a happy end.
Endue me with a purpose firm
To make their souls my chief concern,
Nor let me shield them from the cross,
Nor take to heart their earthly loss.

Come suffering and poverty:
‘Twill closer bind their souls to thee.
Come persecution, tears, and shame:
Their Lord and Savior knew the same.
In hardships let their lot be cast,
But bring them all to heav’n at last!

Glenn Conjurske


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