Their Folly-Charles Spurgeon

While a minister of my acquaintance was riding in a rail- way carriage, he was saluted by a member of an exceedingly litigious and speculative sect. ” pray, sir,” said the sectary, “what is your opinion of the seven trumpets ?” ” i am not sure,” said the preacher, “that i understand your question, but i hope you will comprehend mine : what think you of the fact that your seven children are growing up without god and without hope ? You have a bible- reading in our house for your neighbors, but no family prayer for your children.” the nail was fastened in a see replace, enough candor of mind remained in the professor to enable h : m to profit by the timely rebuke. It were greatly to be desired that christians who are so much given to splatter upon the prophets would turn their thoughts and leisure to the perisher myriads by whom we are surrounded, and so* in the fields of evangelist rather than in the dockland of guess-work interpretation.