Then and Now - Melody Conjurske

I used to hurt, and I would cry;
Why did my daddy have to die?

I used to hurt, and I would cry;
Why did my daddy have to die?
If you could know the pain in my heart,
When me and my daddy had to part;
The fear that filled my life that day
Is more than I now want to say.
It seemed unfair that he must go,
When he was needed, don’t you know?
He lived to see the church revived;
And all his life for this he strived.
But now I’ve come to understand,
The way my Heavenly Father planned.
Altho’ the pain is with me yet,
And still my heart is all regret,
I wish that I had helped him more,
For now I know, his time is o’er.
Somehow I know he couldn’t be
Just longing for this earth to see.
If only we could all behold,
Of what’s up there, that we’re not told.
We’ve only got one life to live,
Now is the time that we must give.
I think my daddy wished that he,
Had done far more to set men free.
Perhaps he even cried a bit,
When up in heaven he thought of it.
But God Himself was there you know
To wipe his tears and bid them go.
I think just now he’s waiting there,
In perfect peace without a care.
Perhaps he wonders why men fret,
So much about what they don’t get.
If we could only see ahead,
We’d send out treasures up instead.
I think he’d like to tell us all,
Our big huge problems seem so small.
The things that mean so much to us
Aren’t really worth the stress and fuss.
He’d bid us work, each minute spend,
In saving men, right to the end.
But through these last four years of pain,
Well they’ve been, really all a gain.
I’ve learned my daddy’s God is mine,
And that he also would be thine.
Though daddy’s gone, his God I know,
He is the one that loves me so.
I’m longing now to soar away,
When I’ll step from this house of clay.
Won’t it be grand to live up there;
Where all is perfect everywhere?
And some day soon up there I’ll be,
My daddy then, I know, I’ll see.

Melody Conjurske


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