This modern gospel that I hear

Has taken out the bitter cup—

And then this cry upon my ear,

“We want our spirits lifted up!”


But I refuse to hear that call;

My ear is deaf; my mind is fixed.

I will not change a word at all.

I’ll preach the gospel truth unmixed.


“Nay, do not tell us where we’re wrong

We need to be encouraged more,

So sing to us a pretty song,

And make us feel good to the core.”


But godly sorrow, I reply

Is what your heart should really seek.

Away with such a feel good lie

Which makes you strong—and Jesus weak.


“We want to hear of Jesus’ Grace,

Not all this talk about our sin.”

But let me bring you face to face

With what is dwelling deep within.


Your heart is unsurrendered still;

You want your fun and Bible, too.

You do not want to do God’s will—

Unless you think it profits you.


You do not like the rod of God

Because you walk outside the road.

But some find comfort in that rod—

Though still to you it is a goad.


So if you will, I’ll recommend,

You give up everything you own.

Hold nothing back and don’t pretend,

And live for God and God alone.


~Ezra Brainard  September 09