Acts 1:11

‘This same Jesus!’ Oh! how sweetly
   Fall those words upon the ear,
Like as well of far off music,
   In a nightwatch still and drear!

He who healed the hopeless leper,
   He who dried the widow’s tear;
He who changed to health and gladness
   Helpless suffering, trembling fear;

He who wandered, poor and homeless,
   By the stormy Galilee;
He who on the night-robed mountain
   Bent in prayer the wearied knee;

He who spake as none had spoken,
   Angel-wisdom far above,
All-forgiving, ne’er upbraiding,
   Full of tenderness and love;

He who gently called the weary,
   ‘Come and I will give you rest!’
He who loved the little children,
  Took them in His arms and blest;

He, the lonely Man of sorrows,
   ‘Neath our sin-curse bending low;
By His faithless friends forsaken
   In the darkest hours of woe;—

‘This same Jesus!’ When the vision
   Of that last and awful day
Bursts upon the prostrate spirit,
   Like a midnight lightening ray;

When, else dimly apprehended,
   All its terrors seem revealed,
Trumpet knell and fiery heavens,
   And the books of doom unsealed;

Then, we lift our hearts adoring
   ‘This same Jesus,’ loved and known.
Him, our own most gracious Saviour,
   Seated on the great white Throne;

He Himself, and ‘not another,’
   He for whom our heart-love yearned
Through long years of twilight waiting,
   To His ransomed ones returned!

For this word, O Lord, we bless Thee,
   Bless our Master’s changeless name;
Yesterday, to-day, for ever,
   Jesus Christ is still the Same.

~Frances Havergal