No temptation thee assaileth,
But what commonly prevaileth.

No temptation thee assaileth,
But what commonly prevaileth.
Others also patience borrow,
Who must face thy self-same sorrow,
        Who like thee with burdens groan.
Even when the Lord’s allowed thee,
That the blackest sky becloud thee,
Even in the dark confusion,
Give no heed to the illusion
        That thou sufferest alone.

Though of hope thy heart be leery,
All around thee, dark and dreary,
Though thy pathway seemeth rougher,
Thou doest not alone thus suffer—
        Others also walk therein.
Others have in darkness stumbled,
Nearly under trials crumbled,
Though ’twixt faith and doubt they’ve hovered,
Yet the vict’ry they’ve discovered—
        Thou canst also vict’ry win.

Full deliverance God assures thee;
His the remedy that cures thee.
Christ is over all victorious.
You may have salvation glorious,
        And have life abundantly.
There’s escape from all temptation,
Ready for thy acceptation.
Think it not a high-toned fable—
God is faithful, thou art able
        More than conqueror to be.

~ Nita Brainard

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