Thou Knowest

That I’ve clung unto they word,
More than food thy voice preferred;

That I’ve clung unto thy word,
More than food thy voice preferred;
That my feet have kept thy way,
From thy steps refused to stray,
Thou knowest.

Though I find not what I’ve sought,
Though I speak and hear thee not,
Though thou seemest sore remiss,
Yet I’m confident of this:
Thou knowest.

When my comforters accuse,
Fellows taunt, and friends abuse;
When I sojourn all alone,
And my pillow’s but a stone,
Thou knowest.

That I’m tempted and found weak,
Yet thy will and ways I seek;
That I’m tried with heat untold,
And will yet come forth as gold,
Thou knowest.

That although I often cry,
And in weakness question why,
There’s no torment in my fears,
Nor rebellion in my tears,
Thou knowest.

That my strength is not in me,
Nor my hope in what I see;
That I trust thee in the night,
Needing not to walk by sight,
Thou knowest.

That my case will yet be tried,
And my judgment justified;
That my righteousness shall shine,
As the sun at noon day fine,
Thou knowest.

Job 23: 8 – 12

Nita Brainard

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