Thou, My God, Art Good and Wise

Thou, my God, art good and wise,
And infinite in power,

Thou, my God, art good and wise,
And infinite in power,
Thee let all in earth and skies
Continually adore!
Give me thy converting grace,
That I may obedient prove,
Serve my Maker all my days,
And my Redeemer love.

For my life, and clothes, and food,
And every comfort here,
Thee, my most indulgent God,
I thank with heart sincere;
For the blessings numberless
Which thou hast already given,
For my smallest spark of grace,
And for my hope of heaven.

Gracious God, my sins forgive,
And thy good Spirit impart;
Then I shall in thee believe
With all my loving heart;
Always unto Jesus look,
Him in heavenly glory see,
Who my cause hath undertook,
And ever prays for me.

Grace, in answer to his prayer,
And every grace bestow,
That I may with zealous care
Perform thy will below;
Rooted in humility,
Still in every state resigned,
Plant, almighty Lord, in me
A meek and lowly mind.

Poor and vile in my own eyes,
With self-abasing shame
Still I would myself despise,
And magnify thy name;
Thee let every creature bless,
Praise to God alone be given,
God alone deserves the praise
Of all in earth and heaven.

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