I saw the saved ones gather
      On Heaven’s blessed shore

I saw the saved ones gather
      On Heaven’s blessed shore
There stood a wondrous multitude
      Who’d found salvation’s door

But who are these who days ago
      Were drowning in their sin?
And now they are Christ’s Holy Bride
      All cleansed and pure within!

My love reached down from Calvary
      And swept them from hell’s fate
Even at life’s midnight hour
      They found the narrow gate!

In sorrow they repented
      And turned to ME for aid
They grasped that I upon the cross
      Their penalties had paid

But many others did not turn
      In sorrow to repent
They cried too late on Judgment Day
      Too late their garments rent!

And who are these, I see the scars
      Of suffering everywhere?
“My child, ‘tis I that chose their path
      Their faith is strong and rare!

I watched as satan buffeted
      When Stephen, John and Paul
And many others stood the test
      They gave their very all”

My God-I feel so humbled
      To stand amidst Thy own
Ah-but Thy blood, Thy Grace, Thy Love
      For me too did atone.

~ Jenny Daniel

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