Thy power and saving truth to show,
A warfare at thy charge I go,

Thy power and saving truth to show,
A warfare at thy charge I go,
Strong in the Lord, and thy great might;
Gladly take up the hallowed cross;
And, suffering all things for thy cause,
Beneath thy bloody banner fight.

A spectacle to fiends and men,
To all their fierce or cool disdain
With calmest pity I submit;
Determined nought to know, beside
My Jesus and him crucified,
I tread the world beneath my feet.

3 Superior to their smile or frown,
On all their goods my soul looks down,
Their pleasures, wealth, and power, and state;
The man that dares their god despise,
The Christian, he alone is wise;
The Christian, he alone is great.

O God, let all my life declare
How happy all thy servants are,
How far above these earthly things;
How pure, when washed in Jesu's blood,
How intimately one with God,
A heaven-born race of priests and kings.

For this alone I live below,
The power of godliness to show,
The wonders wrought by Jesu's name:
O that I might but faithful prove;
Witness to all thy pardoning love,
And point them to the atoning Lamb!

Let me to every creature cry,
The poor and rich, the low and high,
Believe, and feel thy sins forgiven!
Damned, till by Jesus saved, thou art!
Till Jesu's blood hath washed thy heart,
Thou canst not find the gate of heaven!