Arise, my soul, arise,
Thy Saviour’s sacrifice!

Arise, my soul, arise,
Thy Saviour’s sacrifice!
All the names that love could find,
All the forms that love could take,
Jesus in himself hath joined,
Thee, my soul, his own to make.

Equal with God most high,
He laid his glory by;
He, the eternal God, was born,
Man with men he deigned to appear;
Object of his creatures’ scorn,
Pleased a servant’s form to wear.

Hail! everlasting Lord,
Divine, incarnate Word!
Thee let all my powers confess,
Thee my latest breath proclaim;
Help, ye angel-choirs, to bless,
Shout the loved Immanuel’s name!

Fruit of a virgin’s womb,
The promised blessing’s come;
Christ, the fathers’ hope of old,
Christ, the woman’s conquering Seed,
Christ, the Saviour long foretold,
Born to bruise the serpent’s head.

Jesus, to thee I bow,
The Almighty’s Fellow thou!
Thou, the Father’s only Son!
Pleased he ever is in thee;
Just and holy thou alone,
Full of grace and truth for me.

~ Wesley