Luther sends specimen of new edition of the New Testament, and begs for an income for Bugenhagen.

1524 .

Grace and peace! Here you have the whole of the New Testament for yourself and the Elector, except the preface to the Romans, which will be ready tomorrow. I also send a copy to the young Prince (John Frederick), which you may praise to your heart’s content.

Lukas Cranach and Christian counsel this. I fancy Wolfgang Stein has already sent one for the old Prince (Johann). And I hope you will undertake to persuade the Elector to bestow one of the bursaries, or stipends, on Johann Pomeranus, which was so badly bestowed upon the sophist; for, next to Philip, he is the first theological lecturer in the town, indeed, in the whole world. I am most anxious to keep him here, for it is said — and it is true — they wish to have him in Erfurt, and who knows how long I may be allowed to remain! More of this again.

Farewell, and pray for me. MARTIN LUTHER .

In this year Frederick the Wise died in the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church. John the Steadfast was a warm friend to Luther. Luther finishes lecturing on Deuteronomy. Luther married in June. Peasant revolt.

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