Luther sends Spalatin some writings to be printed. June 10, 1521.

All hail! I have not only received your long epistle, dear Spalatin, but that of OEcolampadius, and now send you the “Magnificat” complete, with the pamphlet on Confession dedicated to Franz von Sickingen, which I should like printed first. The 21st Psalm is off to the printers. See if no alterations be necessary, for I do not yet know if I shall annex the 119th Psalm to something else, but I shall decide when I hear what you all think. I must also answer Latomus of Louvain, who makes so much of his lord the Pope. I marvel greatly at OEcolampadius, not because he is pleased with what I do, but that he is so full of joy, and so bright and Christ-like. God maintain and strengthen him. I am at one and the same time both idle and very busy. I study Greek and Hebrew, and write without ceasing. My present host entertains me much better than I deserve. The illness from which I suffered in Worms is worse, so that I almost despair of recovery. The Lord tries me sorely, so that I may never be without the cross. His name be praised. Amen!

I am surprised that the Imperial Edict has never been made public. It is said here that Schifer is dead, and has left a million gulden to Dr. Carola. He would indeed be a bold Christian who would not dread such a mountain of gold. I have not replied to the young Prince’s letter, seeing my abode is to be kept secret, so I must not betray it by constant writing. Pray earnestly for me, as I need nothing else. I have everything in abundance. It is nothing to me how the world treats me. I am here at peace. Farewell in the Lord, and greet all who ought to be greeted. From the isle of Patmos.


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