Luther informs him why he was about to leave his Patmos. January 17, 1522.

Health! I have received all, my Spalatin, even the packet, although rather late. It is not because of the Zwickau prophets I have come, nor will they influence me in the least. But I do not wish our people to put them in prison. Rumours have been set afloat as to the Eulenbergers regarding innovations in the Lord’s Supper. I was so angry that I determined to go to Wittenberg and see for myself, but I am daily hearing far more important things. Therefore, if God will, I shall soon return, if not to Wittenberg, certainly elsewhere, or wander about. I do not wish the Prince to be anxious about me, although I wish he had my faith, or I his power. If so, doubtless he would, without bloodshed, extinguish the smoking firebrands. The unhappy Herzog George acts in this matter, even as He who is terrible in His judgments towards the children of men has determined. He cannot see that his rancor against this party is pure hatred. May the Lord have mercy on him, if he be worthy of it.

See that our Prince does not soil his hands with the blood of the Zwickau prophets. Farewell, and pray for me. Neither the Bishop’s nor Capito’s letters please me, because of their duplicity. I have written

to Faber that I know his spirit. I grieve over the destruction of the pictures, because I became surety for their preservation.

From the wilderness. MARTIN LUTHER . (Walch, 5:11 Appendix 104.)

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