At first I had no intention of writing you, most excellent sir, as Herr Schleupper, our common friend, could tell you everything better than I. For he knows all that is going on, only he insisted I should send a line, so I obey. A great many pamphlets are being issued against me in Germany and Italy, but it does not put me about, for they are written by the most stupid of the stupid, who affront themselves through their work. I am pretty well in body and mind, only I should like to sin less, and yet I sin more and more every day. The faction of the Dominicans are now keeping quiet, for they

were forbidden writing against me, but their place has been filled by the Bishop of Bavaria.

If they overcome, they do so through coarseness and audacity. I never read such stuff, for they do not mind whether they win or lose. How sad for the people who have such wolves set over them! But the Lord sees it, in whom may you find refuge.

MARTIN LUTHER. Wittenberg.

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