The vehement enemy of Luther and the Reformation, which seemed to him like revolution. February 19, 1519.

My poor prayers are ever at the service of your Royal Highness, Most Serene High-born Prince, Most Gracious Lord! The worthy Dr. John Eck writes that he has besought your Grace, graciously to permit a disputation in Leipsic, in your Grace’s University there, with the excellent Carlstadt But seeing Dr. Eck professes to desire the disputation with Dr.Carlstadt, whose opinions he has scarcely attacked, while he has combated my doctrines with all his might, I shall appear myself in defense of my propositions, or to receive instructions in the better way. Therefore, I humbly request your Grace, out

of love for the truth, to allow this disputation. For the highly esteemed gentlemen of the University have just written me, that they have promised Dr. John Eck (which I had heard) to refuse my request. They accuse me of having made known that a disputation was to be held before I received your Grace’s permission thereto, but my excuse must be, that I hoped I would not be denied what Dr. Eck was boasting had been already granted to him. I plead that your Grace will graciously forgive my offense. May God mercifully spare and uphold your Highness. Amen.

Your Electoral Grace’s obedient chaplain, MARTIN LUTHER. Wittenberg.

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