TO JACOB STRAUSS, PREACHER IN EISENACH Luther now begins to interest himself in education. April 25, 1524.

Grace and peace! You must not imagine, best of men, that I have not the highest opinion of you; for, I know, through the glorious power of the gospel, that we have been raised above everything else I beseech you to lay to heart the instruction of the young; for the gospel is threatened with untold evils through neglecting this duty. It is one of the most important duties. Greet Schalb and Schultetus in my name. I would have written them, but it is incredible how I am overwhelmed with all sorts of

work, scarcely being able to overtake my correspondence, not to mention other things. The globe seems to rest on my head, so that I wish either to die or be borne away from the world, in order not to be quite annihilated. Greet your wife and child, and smile sweetly upon them in my name.

Bear with your weak health, as is seemly, seeing you are in God’s hand. Pray for poor me, and farewell. St. Mark’s Day, without celebrations or procession.


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