Luther asks his friend who lived with him in Wittenberg how the gospel was progressing there. May 12, 1521.

Health! Although I believe that all I have written to Philip and the others has fallen into your hands, still I seem to feel that since my departure my friends have almost become strangers to me, which God forbid! So I write direct to yourself. Accept my best love, and meditate on these words, “The servant is not greater than his Lord.” Greet all your relations and your wife from me. The Lord be gracious to her. I am a wonderful prisoner, for I sit willingly, and yet against my will here — with good-will, because it is the will of the Lord; against my will, because I long to be free, in order to defend the gospel, although not worthy of this honor. Wittenberg is hated by its neighbours, but the Lord will laugh her enemies to scorn. Write about the preaching, and what part each takes, so that I may know what to hope or fear regarding the gospel. But you that have been called to preach to the

children, see that you do it faithfully, and bear what. God lays upon you. May you and yours prosper! In the abode of the birds.


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