Invitation to feast and request for game which the Elector sent through Spalatin. June 21, 1525.

To the excellent Johann Doltzig. My gracious lord and good friend!

Doubtless the outcry has reached your ears that I have actually ventured to enter the married state. Although my change of condition seems very strange to myself, being as yet scarcely able to believe it, still the fact is attested by so many honored witnesses that I must believe it to be true, and in order to put the seal of certainty upon it, I am giving a collation next Tuesday, and expect my father and mother and other good friends (Link of Altenburg, Amsdorf of Magdeburg, Ruhel from Thuringen, Muller from Mansfeld, Koppe from Torgau, Spalatin, etc. etc.). Therefore I beg of you, in a friendly manner, if it be not burdensome to you, to see that we are supplied with game, and to be present yourself, to help to imprint with joy the seal upon the transaction, and all that appertain thereto. I herewith commit you to God. Amen.


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