Luther sent Brismann to Konigsberg to promote the Reformation in Prussia, which he did. January 11, 1525.

Grace and peace in the Lord! It is the letter-carrier’s fault, my Brismann, that you have not heard from me, and I almost lost this chance also. Carlstadt, who is quite given over to the devil, rages against me, having issued various writings full of poison. He, with his followers, denies that the body and blood of Christ are present in the Sacrament. I am ready to confute him, although through artifice, as he has led many astray in different places. I shall answer Erasmus as soon as I have leisure. That Amand has forsaken our party does not grieve me; perhaps I am rather glad, as he seems to be animated with Carlstadt’s spirit. Our Henry von Zutphen, the Bremen evangelist, was hanged and burned with cruel fanaticism in Dietmarschen. These prophets’ turbulent doings prevent me getting on with my Deuteronomy. All else pursues its everyday course. We have received the highly esteemed Peter Weller with joy. Thomas Munzer is meandering about, uncertain where to settle. He made a dangerous disturbance in Muhlhausen. The prophets are increasing steadily, a trial for true believers. The Papists rejoice over our differences, but God will expose Carlstadt in His own time. For it seems as if Carlstadt despaired of becoming a partaker of Christ’s kingdom, and has cast himself away, in order to plunge many others into destruction, and with a great following hurry on to hell, which he has been actually heard to declare. Pray for me, and remember me with the highest esteem to Herr Bishop. I am much occupied, and over and above am a prisoner through a burning abscess on the thigh. Perhaps you do not yet know that Anna Graswitzinn vou Sausselitz, with three

others, Barbara Beckenberg, Catherine Taubenheim, and Margaretha Zirstorf, have escaped from their prison. The first of these remained here, and married Hans Scheidewind. She desires me to send you her compliments. Herzog George himself undertook to visit the cloister, and seeing the abominable excesses, at once banished the brothers, fathers, bridegrooms, or rather relations of those noble ladies, from the place.


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