Luther approves of Hesse’s Latin paraphrasing of Ecclesiastes.

This, the real birth-year of Church hymnary, mostly founded on the Psalms. [No date.] Grace and peace! Accept my greeting, thou preacher of Ecclesiastes, but see that you and he preach the same thing. For I too will hear his voice in you, and certainly read it. So send us your Commentary upon this book. It is desirable that it should be translated into the mother tongue; therefore I take the opportunity of admonishing you to this, in advance, that when the spirit moves you to the work you may let me know at once. I saw the man you sent me. It is no new thing, that many should wish to

make the gospel a source of profit. In was so in St. Paul’s days, and how much more in ours! Freedom is regarded as a cloak for evil. But there is One who will speedily judge them. Farewell, and pray for me. MARTIN LUTHER . First German Hymn-Book appeared. Peasants’ War. Luther more distressed by this, and the disturbances caused in Wittenberg by the fanatics, than by Charles V. declaring that the Edict of Worms should be enforced.

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