Luther boasts that true theology is flourishing in Wittenberg. May 18, 1517.

Our theology and that of St. Augustine, by the grace of God, is making rapid progress in our university. Aristotle is continuing to fall from his throne, and his end is only a matter of time; and all object to hearing lectures on the text-books of the Sentences, and no one need expect an audience who does not expound this theology, viz. that of the Bible or St.Augustine, or some other of the honored Church teachers. Farewell, and pray for me. MARTIN LUTHER. Master Christian Goldschmidt, who is here, sends greeting. TO GEORGE SPALATIN, AT THE SCHLOSS Salvation! See that you, with the father confessor and his friend, come about nine o’clock. If Herr Christopher, the ambassador, is with you, bring him also, for I have given orders to invite him. Farewell, but see that you procure

wine for us, as you are aware that you are coming from the court to the cloister, and not from the cloister to the court.