Luther at the Diet of Augsburg. Preached in Weimar before the Elector on the way thither. October 11, 1518.

Salvation! There is nothing new here, only every one is talking of Dr.Luther who has lighted such a

great fire. Show yourself a man, and teach the young people what is right, but I go hence to offer myself up for them and you, if God wills it. For I will rather die and be deprived of your dear society, hard as that would be for me to all eternity, than be the means of ruining the liberal studies and elegant learning, thus causing the enemy to triumph. Italy is, as Egypt was long ago, enveloped in thick darkness, being entirely ignorant of Christ and all that appertains to Him, and yet we must submit to them ruling over us, and teaching us in their own way both faith and morals. Thus does God manifest His wrath towards us in the lament of the prophet, “I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.” Farewell in the Lord, dear Philip, and turn away the wrath of God through your fervent and earnest prayers.


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