Luther attains the height of his ambition, having been invited to accept the dignity of Doctor of

Theology, which enabled him to expound the Holy Scriptures. September 22, 1512.

Grace and peace, honored and beloved fathers! St. Luke’s day is approaching, when I, in obedience to my superiors and highly esteemed Vicarius, am to be solemnly set apart to the dignity of Doctor of Theology — which I trust you have heard, through the honored Prior in Wittenberg. I will not

apologize for accepting it, or talk of my unworthiness, as if by my humility I were seeking my own glory. God knows, and my conscience also, whether I feel worthy of such almost fulsome expressions of honor. Therefore, I plead with you, for Christ’s sake, to commend me to God with one accord, for you know, according to the rights of love, it is your duty to do so — that His holy will may be accomplished in me; also, that you would, if possible, honour me, and show this respect to our order, to be present on the occasion. I would not ask you to take such a toilsome journey and incur so much expense had I not been deputed to do so by the honoured Prior, and also, I would consider it most unseemly not to let my Erfurt friends know the day of my promotion, and invite them to be present. Doubtless you will act as we hope and expect, and we shall remember the kindness with gratitude. May you prosper in the Lord, to whom all of us commit you and your brothers in prayer.

MARTIN LUTHER, Augustinian. WITTENBERG. (Walch, 5:21, p. 522.)

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