Trusting God through the trials of each day,
Asking Him to clearly show His plan and way.
Turning to Him in meek and humble prayer,
Trusting fully without a worry or despair.

Trusting in each moment and each hour,
Asking God for daily strength and power.
To over come fear and every temptation,
Trusting in each easy or hard situation.

Laying in His hands all worry and fear,
Trusting in each day, each month, and year.
Trusting through all sorrow and pain,
And while trusting, to never complain.

To trust Him fully with the future ahead,
To follow the path that Jesus once led.
To trust him fully with the cares of today,
To put all fear, doubt, and worry away.

Letting Him lead us gently by the hand,
Heeding His tender voice and command.
We will find true peace and boundless joy,
That no one ever can harm or destroy!!!
                By Martha Petrusevich

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