Romans 5:12-21 & Psalm 51:5

You were born in sin … sin is the transgression of or the lack of conformity to God’s law. Sin refers to anything that breaks, or is wrong in our relationship with God.

Pagan people (unbelievers) generally do not understand that we sin against a just and holy God. Sin is rebellion against God.
•    Sin is moral evil
•    Sin is absolutely wrong
•    Sin is a lack of conformity
•    Sin includes guilt and pollution
•    Sin arises from the heart
•    Sin includes motives and thoughts

In short, sin came from the father of the human race. Because of a simple law he could not keep and he believed the Satan’s lie… so he rebelled against God and sin and death entered into the world and through him we inherited this sinful nature.

No teaches a child to steal or lie, we actually go through much effort to teach them the opposite. But this sinful nature comes so naturally that a child does this with expert skills… it’s the nature of sin to lie and steal, rather than to tell the truth.

It’s natural for us to sin. Example: If we got the choice to do God’s will or our own we will naturally choose to do our own thing.

So sin comes naturally and its common sense that we rebel against God and is on our way to burn in hell… it’s unnatural for a sinner to do God’s will.

Hannes Grové
(A short glimpse of the introduction of my sermon,
What is sin and how can we be acceptable before God).

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