Where has my slumbering spirit been,
So late emerging into light?
James 4:4
Where has my slumbering spirit been,
      So late emerging into light?
So imperceptible, within,
      The weight of this Egyptian night!
Where have they hid the world so long,
      So late presented to my view?
Wretch! though myself increased the throng,
      Myself a part I never knew.
Secure beneath its shade I sat,
      To me were all its favours shown:
I could not taste its scorn or hate;
      Alas, it ever loved its own!
Jesus, if half-discerning now,
      From Thee I gain this glimmering light,
Retouch my eyes, anoint them Thou,
      And grant me to receive my sight.
O, may I of Thy grace obtain
      The world with other eyes to see;
Its judgments false, its pleasures vain,
      Its friendship enmity with Thee!
Delusive world, thy hour is past,
      The folly of thy wisdom shew!
It cannot now retard my haste,
      I leave thee for the holy few.
No! thou blind leader of the blind,
       I bow my neck to thee no more;
I cast thy glories all behind,
      And slight thy smiles, and dare thy power.
Excluded from my Saviour’s prayer,
      Stain’d, yet not hallow’d, with His blood,
Shalt thou my fond affection share,
     Shalt thou divide my heart with God?
No! though it rouse thy utmost rage,
      Eternal enmity I vow:
Though hell with thine its powers engage,
      Prepared I meet your onset now.
Load me with scorn, reproach, and shame:
      My patient Master’s portion give:
As evil still cast out my name,
      Nor suffer such a wretch to live.
Set to thy seal that I am His;
      Vile as my Lord I long to be:
My hope, my crown, my glory this,
      Dying to conquer sin and thee!


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