What am I doing here?
Why was I ever born?
Life’s filled with so much sorrow,
My path with many a thorn.

Is there a purpose for my life,
A plan for little me?
I’m drowning midst the multitudes
That are humanity.

Ah child, my dearest, precious one,
You’re here to do my will.
There is a plan that in this world
I would have you fulfil.

For you, I shed my precious blood
To cleanse and save your soul;
For firstly child, initially,
I need to make you whole.

And thus I ask that you would give
To me yourself, your all.
Don’t leave the best lamb hidden
And harboured in your stall!

My plan for you holds little things
You need to do each day,
Each task a vital link that I
Require upon life’s way.

Look up – beyond the daily toil
To heaven further on,
For then you’ll find its radiance shines
On all you’ve said and done.

Endure, my child, what I may send
On your allotted way.
Don’t flinch and run, but persevere.
My strength is there each day.

What am I doing here? Praise God—
What He requires of me!
A pilgrim on the heaven bound way
To God’s eternity.

~Jenny Daniel