From failure to radical transformation

For all his faults, or perhaps because of them, Peter could do one thing superbly: he could shed tears of grief when he had offended his Savior. The ability to repent is a sweet treasure, and one that is rare among us these days. If we had Peter’s penitent heart, we might go on to have his purity and his power. Should the contemplation of Peter’s faults give aid and comfort to an impenitent heart, then that heart has only itself to blame. God never intended that we should hide our unconfessed sins behind the confessed faults of a saint. Peter’s contrary nature drove him to God. Unless ours does the same, Peter will have lived in vain for us.
Anyway, we are glad Peter lived, and we are glad Christ found him. He is so much like so many of us, at least in his weaknesses. It only remains for us to learn also the secret of his strength.

A. W. Tozer

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