Max M. Johnson


Now gone are the leaves of Autumn that fell,

      Leaving our trees all shapeless and bare —

February 23, 2004


Now gone are the leaves of Autumn that fell,

      Leaving our trees all shapeless and bare —

And where they have gone — well, no one can tell;

      And, truth were known, we really don’t care;

Suffice it to say, they did their job well,

      Bringing health to their owners, and cleansing the air.

And now, in their place, signs of new life appear —

      New beauty and growth, with new buds breaking out.

Promise of sunshine and warmth now are near,

      And with passing of Winter, all earth seems to shout —

                                                “It’s Springtime!”


Yes, gone is the snow, and the Winter’s cold blast; —

      The dreariness, dullness of long cloudy days;

The hardships of living in Winter are past.

      And yet with thanksgiving we give God the praise,

For He sent the snow, on the mountains to last

      ‘Til under the spell of the sun’s warming rays

The snowpacks would melt, yielded their waters so pure, —

      The source of refreshment from Nature to give

Needed refreshment, dry spells to endure

      That we might rejoice with all living, to live —

                                                In Springtime!


Just so is our life, — we struggle and strain

      In the time that God gives us, His plan to live out;

Through seasons of trial and hardship and pain

      We often may wonder what life’s all about,

Why our “Leaves’ wither and die, please explain —

      Sometimes it seems hopeless, it all seems for nought.

But then we remember that Christ suffered, too;

      And He promised His glory with Him we shall share;

So look past the “winter” we may be led through;—

      For with Him, in His presence, forever up there —

                                                IT’S SPRINGTIME!




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